In 2016, to cover the strong growth in customer demand, TOPAZ set up the fifth factory in its industrial complex in Matoto on an area of ​​4000 m2. This factory specializes in the blowing and printing of plastic bags, in the production of PET bottles, HDPE, and LDPE tubes for telecoms and films for packaging (packs and pallets).

In this multifunctional factory, various plastic articles are manufactured, including:

  • plastic bags for food use;
  • shrink and stretchable plastic films for bundling;
  • films printed in colour according to the customer’s needs;
  • food packaging;
  • industrial packaging;
  • PE and PET bottles,
  • protective tubes for optical fibres.

Our Equipment

In this factory, we have a fleet of high-performance latest-generation machines including extruders, sling bag manufacturing machines, DIB (Ordinary Industrial Waste) grinders, mixers, and flexography printing machines of up to six (6) colours.

The plant is also equipped with a laboratory for manufacturing photopolymer clichés with analogue writing of two types of a thickness (1.4 mm and 2.84 mm) generally intended for flexographic printing. Besides, for special prints, we have a negative film flashing office that writes the photopolymer plates.

Our extruders can extrude from 10 to 110 cm with thickness depending on customer demand while our printers can print more than 4 colours with width up to 990 mm.

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Raw Materials

We import our raw materials from Asia and Europe. Our raw materials are made from polymers (polyethene LLDPE and HDPE).

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Our Team

With 108 workers, there is a factory manager and his deputy, team leaders, quality controllers, machinists, and workers. Our employees work in teams and take turns every 8 hours. The factory operates 24 hours a day, including weekends.

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Our Manufacturing Process

Regarding plastic bags and films, we proceed by inflatable extrusion, that is to say, by the formation of bubbles for the manufacture of a sheath or plastic film.

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Our Production and Storage Capacity

We produce around 1,100 tonnes per month or around 13,200 tonnes per year, and we can store up to tonnes.

With these production and storage capacities, we can cover all local needs (domestic and industrial) in food bags, films, bottles, and fiber-optic protection tubes. We also have the margin that we export to the sub-region.

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