TOPAZ MULTI-INDUSTRIES SA has two factories for the production of plastic bags, one of which is in Manéah in the prefecture of Coyah, 43 km from Conakry on the National Highway No. 1 (NH1) and the latter is in our industrial complex of Matoto, Municipality of Matoto at km 22.

Built in the year 2000, over an area of ​​1.92 hectares, the Manéah plant is TOPAZ’s second plant after the Matoto painting plant. This factory specializes in the production of bags for the usage of food and mining industries, construction, public works, and household needs. Today, the factory employs over 1,500 permanent workers and produces around 27,000 tonnes per year. This makes TOPAZ MULTI-INDUSTRIES SA, the first plastic bag manufacturing plant in the Republic of Guinea.

Manufactured Products

In Manéah, we manufacture tarpaulins, films, garbage bags, nursery bags, suspender bags for supplies, light bags for various products, etc. Our range of products is very diversified and is intended both for household needs and for professionals in various sectors (agricultural, medical, mining, construction, etc.). We are continually developing new product lines using new technologies and providing complete solutions to our customers. Our bags can be personalized according to the needs of our customers.

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Our Equipment

We have more than 300 machines, mostly from Asian and European origins.

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Raw Materials

We import our raw materials from Asia and Europe. Our raw materials are made from polymers (polyethene LLDPE and HDPE).

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Our Team

With 1511 employees, including 1477 men and 34 women, our team includes a factory manager, an assistant to the factory manager, team leaders, technicians, supervisors, and workers. Our employees work in teams, in shifts, every 8 hours. The factory operates 24 hours a day, including weekends.

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Our Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing of plastic bags and films is carried out by inflatable extrusion, that is to say, the formation of a bubble for the manufacture of plastic sheath or film. It is a conventional polyethene transformation process (LLDPE and HDPE). This process makes it possible to manufacture oxo-biodegradable products.

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Production Capacity

We produce about 2,250 tonnes per day or about 27,000 tonnes per year in Manéah.

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Storage Capacity

Our factory has a storage capacity of… tons of finished products.

With these production and storage capacities, TOPAZ can cover all local needs in plastic bags and export them to the sub-region.

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Our Quality Standards

Manufactured by latest-generation machines and by a highly qualified team, our products are of very good quality which meets all the expectations of our customers.

Our products can be used for food and non-food needs.

We generally note their:

  • Good lift
  • Strong tenacity
  • Good load
  • High pressure
  • Good sealing to prevent water leakage
  • Environment-friendly 100% oxo-biodegradable sachets
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